Features Laminate Formica®

The high-pressure decorative laminate from Formica® is the most durable and versatile covering in the market.

It is a prime covering suitable for many applications like in furniture, commercial premises, walls, floors, partitions, ceilings, facades and many others. A modern and anti-allergy product, which combines the beauty and strength, practicality and hygiene. Compared to panels of low pressure, the Formica® covering has much higher resistance. As the pictures show, Formica® has on its surface a film of overlay 100% impregnated with melamine, giving a higher resistance to abrasion on the use of day-to-day. The decorative laminate from Formica® meets international standards of quality and is produced exclusively in Brazil by Formiline Indústria de Laminados Ltda.

The qualities of the Formica® decorative laminate

Resistance to heat 
The High Pressure decorative laminate from Formica® are different from the plastics coverings (PET and PVC) and covered panels. It can withstand high temperatures (resistant up to 135° C) and so it does not melt when you put a hot pan on it.
Resistance to moisture and stains 
Formica® laminates are very resistant to stains and moisture due to its surface as it is nonporous.
Resistance to impacts and scratches 
The process of manufacturing high pressure laminates from Formica® gives the product a sufficient density to withstand the impact of different types of objects on its surface, and scratches from the use in day-to-day.

Hygienic and anti-allergy 
As its surface is nonporous, the laminate from Formica® does not retain dirt and inhibits the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, It is hygienic and anti-allergy, ideal for hospitals furniture, clinics and surgical centers.
Ease of Cleaning
It only takes a damp cloth in water, mild soap or detergent.
Environmentally Correct - It does not harm the environment 
Environmentally correct, the High Pressure Decorative Laminate from Formica® follows the strict standards of quality, have low environmental impact, and the use of wood and stone patterns prevent the extraction of hardwood and preserve the mineral deposits.
It is a thermoformable product that allows the covering of the rounded edges providing even greater protection against impacts and facilitating the cleaning and maintenance.
Resistance to Grafitti and Storms 
The Exterior from Formica® is an ideal product for facades. It has a special treatment to resist grafitti, which does not allow the adhesion of various types of paints, especially those used by graffiti painters. The product can also be exposed to sunlight and atmospheric phenomena as rain, hail, wind and salt, as long as they are not submerged.
Variety of colors, patterns and finishes 
The decorative laminates from Formica® are available in 300 colors and patterns with up to 22 different types of finishes. For the development of new shades and textures, our searches are done according to the main international trends of decoration.
Color Stability – it does not Yellow 
Unlike other products for covering, the high-pressure laminates from Formica® are very stable and do not yellow under artificial light and continuous use, maintaining a new appearance for years.
The only covering that can really withstand the customization with images, colors, drawings, pictures, symbols and logos.
The Dissipative Flooring is able to dissipate the static electricity, ideal for use in surgical centers, radiological centers, electronic equipments factory and other.