100 years of Formica® brand

The success in Brazil 

It was exactly at a time marked by the explosion of the population's desire to purchase elegant design furniture, covered with decorative laminate of the brand, when Formica® landed in Brazil, thus starting to sell its products in the country. Plasticos do Brasil Ltda is part of Formica® history in the country. Established in 1953, in the
district of Barra Funda, São Paulo, the company produced brake lining, casting powder, formaldehyde and synthetic resins, and it was a pioneer by offering laminate products from the Formica® brand in the country, introducing the first high pressure plastic laminate in Brazil in 1956.

At the end of 1981, it was born what would become the largest decorative laminate manufacturer in Latin America and a leading industrial group with a conglomerate of
companies operating in several business segments. A group not widely known, the Gusmão dos Santos Group acquired Plásticos do Brasil. Through a well established strategy and future vision that would be achieved with an unwavering persistence, the new Plásticos do Brasil began to focus its efforts on the product offer and on quality demand, and in 1983, the Formiline trade name was launched.

The Group grew and so did Formiline along with it. When Cyanamid Química do Brasil (the holder of Formica ® brand in Brazil at the time) withdrew from the laminate business, the group soon acquired the Vila Leopoldina plant in the early 90´s from Cyanamid and the Formica® brand for the whole South America, except Colombia and Venezuela.

Formica® in Brazil has become since then a trademark owned by Formiline, and it's the world´s most famous brand in the segment, besides being the largest manufacturer of decorative laminates in Latin America. There are three major production plants: the main plant is based in Suzano (São Paulo), the second one in Paulista (Pernambuco), and the third one in Argentina.

The brand is increasingly growing, and its full and versatile solutions have an impact on the past, present and future of the design of residential and commercial projects.

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