100 years of Formica® brand

One of the most recognized symbols

Formica® is often mistakenly used interchangeably with its product, high pressure decorative laminate, but Formica ® is a registered trademark, and not the product. The
brand logo is among the world's most recognized corporate symbols, which evolved from simple letterforms to a modern and elegant logo, making up an eye catching blend of expression and simplicity.

The earliest logo dates back from 1930, the top stroke of the "F" is an arc, framing and sheltering the rest of the letters to evoke a smooth, protective laminate surface. Themes related to the consumer often appeared beneath the word Formica®: Beauty Bonded, At Home with People or At Work In Industry. During the 50's, Formica® hired the design firm Raymond Loewy Associates to create a new logo which expressed the company's evolution. The initial "F" of the brand was designed as
an "anvil", and the word "Brand" was to explain that it was a renowned brand, and the "laminated plastic" referred to the product manufactured.

In 1980, the designer Michael Abramson modified the anvil-shaped "F" which was given a solid red color. The new logo gained a clarity and legibility, which suited to the growing prominence of the brand.

Today, increasingly present on people´s everyday lives, the Formica® identify in red and black, is a distinguished and clear symbol of the top brand in coatings.

Formica® 1930 Logo in 1930
The top stroke of the "F" shelters the rest of the letters, evoking a smooth, protective laminate surface. There were themes related to the consumer beneath the word "Formica®".
Formica® 1950 Logo in 1950
Created to express the company´s evolution. The "F" of the logo was designed as an anvil, the word "Brand" made reference to the renowned brand, and "laminated plastic" to the product.
Formica® 1960 Logo in 1960
With a more stable and steady "F", the word "Brand" was kept.
Formica® atual Logo in 1980 (current)
The "F" was given a solid red color, resulting in a clearer and more legible logo, an eminent symbol of the brand.

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