Finishes are textures

With an eye on the high decor, style and color trends appearing at the Milan and US trade fairs, Formica® offers its clients the latest and most refined options in terms of finishes designed to personalize and differentiate its laminate lines.

Finishes may be applied to smooth, wood effect and fancy surfaces. A total of 148 color and pattern options for as many as 15 different types of finishes are available. These choices give your furniture a modern look and a cozy feel to its environment.

According to Reginaldo Missiato, Formica's Director of Marketing, it is not enough to introduce a color without texture as people do not see with their eyes alone. "They need to hold it, to experience the feel of the laminate. These days, the trend is to launch a design along with a texture that best suits it," he explains. He quotes the example of their NT-Nature design, which reproduces the wood grain of the world's most desirable timbers and SO-Stone, which reproduces the look of natural stone.

The contemporary look of the CT-Cotelê pattern is obtained through the use of closely-spaced embossed lines which permit various vertical and horizontal combinations, adding further emphasis to the lines of straight-edged items of furniture. BS-Brush, on the other hand, is based on a brushed steel effect, which makes it the ideal choice for use in metallic designs and an extremely refined option for use with other color and design applications. 
Wood grain finishes give an agreeable natural feel to laminated surfaces and are available as LK-Lakan and WP-Wood Poro. The texture of the first is shiny and gives a varnished look when applied to a wood-effect pattern whilst that of the second is dull and gives the surface of the furniture a waxed appearance. Amongst the wood finish options, the RU – Rústico line has the most visible high-relief texture.

Another worldwide trend that has featured extensively in the home decor trade fairs is the use of shiny finishes such as that provided by the BR-Brilhante option. This finish is ideal for facing doors on kitchen cabinets, passageway doors, dividing partitions in closets and other applications where a shiny surface is desired and is a safer, more rational, practical and resistant alternative to glass or lacquer.
Textures remain much in demand and work well with all types of materials.  

  •  TX-Texturizado is strongly recommended for covering tops.
  •  FT-Frost is also textured but has a shiny surface.
  •  MT-Matte has a matt finish and gives a smooth look to laminates.
  •  TM-Top Matte gives a more satin look.
  •  CR-Cristal – only available for continuous press – smooth texture with matt surface.

With this variety of styles, laminates are an excellent, durable and quality furniture and wall covering option, with a special and exclusive touch, combined with the beauty that only Formica's finishes can offer.

How to specify your laminate Formica®

When ordering your Formica® laminates it is important to specify all your requirements so that your order can be processed with quality and efficiency. Should you order Formica® Lousa, for example, it is necessary to specify both the product code and color: L113 Lousa Verde Oficial. Should you prefer a Shiny Wood Grain design, you must specify both pattern and finish, for example: M849 Carvalho Real – BR. 
Following the recommended procedure correctly ensures that you receive your order without any inconvenience.